How Our Product and Services Work


When you sign up for our pass FHA services for $49.00, you will be getting a Pass FHA inspection along with a consultation for our repair and restoration services along with our 100% Guarantee that you will Pass FHA after passing our inspection, and making any necessary repairs and restorations that are causing Pass FHA delays. If you fail OUR FHA inspection, the $49.00 paid in advance will be used towards any recommended repairs or restorations that we are contracted to perform. If you do not choose to hire us the money for consultation and inspection will be defaulted. However if you contract us to make the required repairs we provide you our 100% Guarantee to Pass FHA or the money you have invested will be refunded in full.


What Do You Mean? My House Didn’t Pass The FHA Inspection!

You found your perfect house. It’s in the right neighborhood, it’s got just the right amount of bedrooms and bathrooms, a beautiful backyard for the kids, and it’s even got RV parking. So what if it needs a little work, this is just what you’ve been searching for, and because of the slowdown in real estate, the price is affordable too! So, you made an offer and it’s been accepted by the seller, in many cases these days a “Short-Sale” or a bank owned “foreclosure”. But who cares, after all you are getting a great deal and with interest rates at an all time low, it’s never been a better time to buy! You’ve got your down payment waiting in the bank, and your deposit has been made. You’re FHA Loan approved! Escrow has now opened. You Realtor tells you there’s just a few things that need to be completed before escrow will close; appraisal completed and sign your loan documents and in a couple of weeks, you’ll soon be moving in to your “new to you” home.

Why All Of a Sudden Is Everything Grinding To a Screeching Halt?

What do you mean; my house did not meet FHA Minimum Property Requirements? My Realtor is telling me that the property I want to buy does not meet the lenders property requirements and now my loan won’t close. What do I do now? Escrow is supposed to close next Friday and I’ve already given notice to my landlord! Is there somebody out there that really knows what to do? I need help now! Call the FHA Compliance Experts today. We guarantee we can complete any repair your property needs, meeting “minimum property requirements”, (MPR), and all other local codes and requirements, for a fair price, before escrow is due to close or we’ll pay you back double the cost to complete the job!

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